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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 4, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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the temperatures are below freezing and continuing to drop. stay tuned with a live report. a disturbing surveillance camera leads to a kidnapping investigation. more on the story coming up. a woman is assaulted and robbed. the steps that police are taking to protect holiday shoppers. happening now, bay area, get ready for the coldest night of the season. this is from san mateo. daytime highs tomorrow expected in the 40s. overnight lows are well below freezing in some areas.
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inland, people will experience the hardest of the freeze. temperatures may not go up for quite a while. how long will this last? >> it's definitely going to stay cold out there for the next several days. tomorrow is the worst. look at our current conditions. temperatures are well below freezing in a number of places. fairfield, 27. it was 24 in vallejo just a short while ago. 28 in santa rosa. otherwise, we're in the 30s with the exception of san francisco where it's still 43 degrees at this hour. a freeze warning is in effect for almost the entire bay area except san francisco. a hard freeze for the delta, the dark blue on the screen, and it means it will be even colder there were. we'll see wide-spread froze
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tonight and subfreezing temperatures in a number of place, ranging from 24 to 32 and icy roads possible. we'll talk more about that coming up in just a minute. the north bay is expected to be hit again with the bitter cold with santa rosa and napa expected to see temperatures weld below freezing. we are live tonight in walnut creek. how cold is it there? >> reporter: it's 26 degrees, and that temperature has been going down all night long. there were fewer shoppers than usual in downtown walnut creek. a few were out and about braving the elements as best as they could. >> i'm wearing two sweat shirts and a coat and i'm feeling cold. i'm not having a good time. >> i'm not wearing as many
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layers and i'm very cold. >> reporter: this cold snap has people from cold climates taking notice. >> it's freezing and we're from canada and we're actually from cold, the snow and ice. >> i'm from poland and it's minus degrees, so it's way colder, but i've been here for a while and it was warm all the time and now it's cold. >> reporter: the cold weather is nice for ice-skating but uncomfortable otherwise. >> we're freezing. [ laughter ] >> we're from india. >> i'm from hawaii so this is not my winter weather. my winter weather is in the 70s. >> reporter: a lot of people we talked to say the cold weather is nice with the hole dare season and all but they would rather be indoors at this
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time. live in walnut creek. back to you. this video shows what looks like an argument between a man and woman at a bus stop. police are on alert for a possible kidnapping. they haven't been seen sense but investigators want to know who and where -- and where they are. we have more. >> reporter: that scene occurred on east kalveer.
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the surveillance camera captured by a camera on the bounce jibes with the story by the bus driver who called 911. >> she noticed a male and female in an altercation. when she opened the door the female asked for help and for her to call the police, at which point the male -- basically she was dragged. >> reporter: the video shows a violent struggle. they're treating this as a possible kidnapping. what else could it be? >> a domestic vacation or a father with their daughter, many different things. >> reporter: whatever it is, it occurred across the street from city hall. >> they committed an act right in front of some place that is
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respected, they won't take any other precaution or it won't be on their mind to do it anywhere else. >> reporter: police went door to door in the neighborhood looking for somebody who may have seen what happened after they moved out of range. surveillance camera. they have a vague idea of who they're looking for. they're thought to be asian, the couple. at least 11 people needed medical attention this morning when a smoky duct filled bart trains inside the tunnel. they say an electrical short caused an emergency brake to deploy, releasing the dust into the train and trapping between 600 to 700 passengers for more than an hour. passengers were eventually evacuated from the train.
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none of the injuries were life threatening. a technician managed to release the brake and got the train running again. still ahead tonight, a shocking discovery as human remains are found near the entrance to a san francisco freeway. find out why one woman had a troubling trip to the bay fair mall in san leandro. why this man is wanted by the police and fbi, all coming up next.
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new tonight. police and the fbi are looking for a person suspected in a pair of bank robberies, a woman. they described her as 25 to 30 years of age, 140 to 170 pounds
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with brown hair. here are the two banks she is suspected of robbing. on november 8 she wore a denver nuggets cap while robbing the u.s. bank here. in each robbery she handed over a note demanding money and threatening that she had a gun. a local woman attacked after christmas shopping at a mall. we'll show you what happened. human ashes of a woman who died two years ago left on the side of the road, more in my story. inside edition, more into inside edition, more into the death of walker. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse.
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your season is here.
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let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients. you need the staples for homemade. you need safeway sugar for just a buck eighty-eight. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another only two ninety-nine for challenge butter. and when hands get messy, quite surely they'll say, yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday. safeway. ingredients for life. ramp near san francisco, human rashes of a deceased woman left on the side of the road. >> reporter: you are looking at a box full of human ashes left near the entrance ramp to highway 101.
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kron four made the shocking discovery wednesday afternoon. on the box was a label, the person whose ashes are believed to be inside this box, specifically in this bag, the same bag it was put in two years ago. it turned out this individual was 94 years of age when she died. neighbors tell me she led a busy life. along with her husband the two ran a snack bar on one of the ferry boats. when i broke the news to one neighbor, they were speechless, saying she was a loving woman who raised a very large family. as for the ashes and how they made it here, it's unclear. ashes were supposedly gave to family two years ago. police won't say if it was a burglary or a family member who left the ashes sitting on the side of the rain if plain view
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for the thousands of cars. i talked to the son wednesday night and he tells me he doesn't know how the ashes got on the side of the road. he says his sister was in possession of those ashes and she recently moved. he's happy he'll have a chance to get the ashes back on thursday. in san francisco, j. r. stone, kron four news. a woman in her 60s was assaulted and robbed in a parking lot at the mall in san leandro, leading some shoppers to take extra precautions. >> i have somebody with me. he's coming out of the store now. i pay attention. it happens all the time. i hear stories like that all the time. it's scary. you don't know who to trust. >> that attack happened outside the target store. the suspects were caught and extra officers are patrolling the area to prevent any future
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attacks. >> reporter: the victim wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary when she was attacked in this parking lot monday afternoon. the woman was putting her shopping bags away in her dar when a girl approaching her from behind and grabbed her purse. >> she got forced to the grounded and struck several times, including kicked in the head multiple times. the suspect got her purse and got into a waiting vehicle and left. >> reporter: a witness standing feet away saw the assault and robbery and then immediately called 911. the suspect and suspect 16-year-old boys were spotted on the freeway minutes later and arrested. police are stepping up patrols at the mall and other parts of the city during the holiday shopping season. police typically see a spike in assaults and robby during this time of year, day or night.
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>> pay attention of your surroundings and keep your valuables close to you. if you have your cell phone, don't take it out in plain view so you could be a victim of a robbery for your cell phone. >> reporter: all three suspects were booked into the juvenile hall. we're seeing sub freezing temperatures around the bay area. what we saw out there this morning will only be worse tomorrow. this is a dog dish, and you can see the layer of ice that formed. if you would like to send us a picture, you can send it to us. overnight, ice yo roads are possible. tomorrow afternoon, sunny skies
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but cold. we'll have more. a freeze warning in effect for the entire bay area with the exception of san francisco. the dark blue represents a hard freeze. several hours of sub freezing temperatures ranging in the low 20s to 30s and icy roads possible. look at these temperatures tomorrow morning. it's 25 in pleasanton and livermore. 39 in san francisco and cold in napa, 24 degrees. 29 in redwood city. 21 in vallejo. we'll be approaching record territory out there tonight. it's dry and clear skies, prime conditions for super cold conditions. here's a look at the temperatures that we're expecting tomorrow morning. approaching the record in san
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rafael. upper forts and low 50s throughout the bay area tomorrow. clear skies in place around the bay area tonight. it wilt stay that way tomorrow. as we head into early friday morning, a storm will drove down the coastline and we'll see rain. here is a look at future cast. midnight, still clear. a chance of rain by 8:00 in the morning. the best answer of rain is tomorrow afternoon. you see a lot of snow accompanying the system. we'll talk more about that tomorrow. let's get through this cold night that we have in store. the temperatures are in the upper 20s and low 30s. we'll have rain for friday and this weekend will be cold, as
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well, and frigid conditions sunday morning in the 20s and 30s. these are pictures of the holiday. share them with us. we're getting you in the holiday spirit with a kron local special, tree lightings and holiday festivities, amazing lights, friday night, 9:00. kaepernick says talking to the media is not his favorite thing. we'll have more with sports coming up next.
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welcome back, everybody. a lot of hype surrounding the seahawks-niners matchup. harbaugh, intense. i wouldn't say that's a flattering picture, but he probably likes it because that's how he is. today at practice he shared some laughs with his dad, jack, on the far right and his former high school coach, hanson. he retired monday after 26 years. as for sunday, it will likely be the second to the last game
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ever at candle stick park. the niners are a three-point favorite to beat seahawks. you better believe the coach is fired up. >> if this doesn't fire up the fans, then what does? >> this game will fire them up. >> it seems like he's good for at least one good soundbite every week. he's doing his thing.. captioner. kaepernick is not a fan. media. >> reporter: do you like to just cut loose at times? >> i signed a contract to play football. the media is something i have
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an obligation to do. >> tomorrow night's premier of our new shot has been postponed to next thursday as gary has been under the weather, but he should be ready to roll. our question of the day. that is, no doubt, curry is an exciting player and great shooter, but is he a super star yet? weigh in on that and we'll read some of those comments live on the show. gary will also ask that question to curry, as well. the former red sox outfielder is getting a guaranteed $153 million to play with the
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pinstripes, wow. pretty good money for a player who had only nine home runs and 53rbi's last year. it's not off an nba game gets can selled, but that's what happened in mexico city when smoke filled the arena, forcing the cancellation of the spurs-timber wolves game. the arena was evacuated about 45 minutes before the start. it would have been the first nba game plained in mexico city since 1997, so we'll have to make up that game later, and all the fans went home disappointed. >> i bet they did. have a good night, everybody. you can stay in touch with us
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on kron or our mobile app. morning news starts at 4:00 a.m.!
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domestic goddess nigella lawson courtroom shocker. she admits she used cocaine. >> there were half of those occasions when she took cocaine. then, just released, sandy hook elementary school 911. >> i think there's somebody shooting in here at the sandy hook school. and the paul walker death investigation. >> the stunning revelation made in the just released autopsy results. plus, actress carry russell's home invasion. >> carrie was home when the break-in occurred around 3:00 a.m. and, resignation. the tv personality forced out over his offensive sarah palin crack. then the accused half-ton killer. they said she sat on a kid and smothered
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